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When in Nashville do what the locals do…Pass the Peas..Please! Great Southern Food served Family Style in Historic Settings. Skillet Fried Chicken, Green Beans, Cheese Grits, Cornbread, Biscuits and gravy, pork chops, pot roast.

Menu changes each day. Come on in, grab a seat at large tables and start passing the bowls to your left. Set price, includes meats, vegetables and salads of the day, plus drink and dessert.

 On the go? Try Cafe Monell’s on Bransford Ave near 100 Oaks Mall – open 7 days a week.

Morning person? Be sure to come try the Best Brunch in Nashville Tennessee, winner of the Nashville Scene Editor’s Choice Award.

Kind words from our customers

“Our family traveled to Memphis last week and stopped by Nashville on our drive back to NC. We had the pleasure of stopping into Monell’s for lunch last Tuesday.

As great as the food was, nothing could surpass (in my 81 yr old mother’s words) … ‘one of the most wonderful women I have ever met’ … Momma D.

She voluntarily spent a few minutes with my mom, a moment I think my mom will never forget. It was a stark reminder that love and kindness always trumps hatred, racism, bigotry, etc. I found it amazing how just a few minutes of interaction with Momma D had such a positive and lasting impact.

You are indeed lucky to have such a genuine and kind soul on your staff. Please pass along my personal thanks for making my mom feel so welcome and respected.”

Phil Grey
Memphis, TN


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