Rehearsal Dinner

For a different and unique experience, book your rehearsal dinner with us. A great way to introduce both families to a true southern dining experience.

Your meal is served family style and will come with 4 meats, 4 vegetables, 3 salads, drink, dessert and biscuits.
$27.95 per person, plus tax and 18% gratuity and server fee  . (Prices subject to change)
Minimum guarantee for reservation 40 Adults.  Children 3 and under Free. Children 4-12 at a Child Price. Children 13 and older full price. You may bring your own beer/wine to Germantown ( not applicable to Monell’s at the Manor.)

Friday night menu: Skillet fried chicken, barbeque ribs, spinach stuffed shells and fried catfish.

Saturday night menu: Skillet fried chicken, pulled barbeque pork, meatloaf and fried catfish.

You may substitute one meat entree for one of the following:  Pot Roast, Chicken & Dumplings, Meatloaf, Smoked or Roasted Pork Loin, Baked or Lemon Pepper chicken

Reservation taken at 8:00 pm or later.  The restaurant is open to the public till 8:30 pm.  You may bring beer and wine in.  Enjoy the gardens with your new future family while you await your tables.