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Break Out / Snacks

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Office Hours: 9am – 5pm

Break Out / Snacks

Office Hours: 9am – 5pm

Snack Attack (Basic) $8.25 pp

2 dozen cookies, 1 dozen bags of chips, 1 dozen bags of pretzels, 2 dozen mints and 2 dozen of bottled water.  Add $1.00 pp for soft drinks. Add $2.00 per person for soft drinks. 25 people minimum.

Snack Attack  (Deluxe) $11.65 pp 

Includes basic attack plus a variety of candy bars, mixed nuts, fresh fruit, soda, fruit juice, 1 gallon of coffee, selection of hot tea.  25 people minimum.


Chocolate Chip$12.80
Choc. Chip w/ Pecans$12.85
Double Chocolate Chip$14.25
White Chocolate Macadamia$16.00
Oatmeal Raisin$12.80
Peanut Butter$12.80
Snicker Doodles$14.85
Sugar Cookie$12.75
Coconut Macaroons$17.50
Chocolate Chip$14.25
Banana Nut$14.50
(Blueberry, Cinnamon Raisin, Plain and Multi-grain.Served with plain and/or flavored cream cheese.)
 Additional Items
Bag of Ice$3.00
Coffee – 64 oz. (with condiments)$17.95
Hot Tea – Selection$20.00
Iced Tea – Gal.$11.95
Fruit Tea$16.25
Orange Juice – 64 oz.$13.95
Water/Soda$3.00 each
*Chafing Dishes – Wire$12.00 each
*Chafing Dishes – Metal$22.00 each
*Sterno for Chafing Dishes$2.95 each
Serving Utensils – Plastic$1.25 each
Serving Utensils – Metal$2.45 each

*Requires set up fee*

Delivery Charge: 10% of ticket total/ $25 minimum