Box Lunch

Box Lunch

To Order call: (615) 726 4938
Office Hours: 9am – 5pm

All Boxes include appropriate utensils. All sandwiches served on a
home baked hoagie roll. Croissant sandwich add .75
$9.95 each (Does not include dessert)
Minimum order 15 per item**

Southern Fried Chicken
An all time favorite. A tender chicken breast skillet fried the old southern way.
Served with Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, Yeast Roll, and Desert Cookie.

Deli Club
Baked ham, smoked turkey, bacon, and Swiss cheese with lettuce and tomato.
Bag of chips and Monell’s Home baked dessert

Deli Box
Your choice of baked ham, or roasted smoked turkey breast.
Bag of chips and Monell’s Home baked dessert

Stuffed Tomato
Tender garden greens topped with a crown cut tomato piled high with Monell’s chicken salad.  Served with fresh fruit, and Carr’s crackers. (Does not include dessert)

Monell’s Chicken Salad
Tender white chicken meat diced and blended with celery, onion, boiled egg, mayo, and sour cream.  Bag of chips and Monell’s Home baked dessert

Vegetarian Delight
Whole grain bread, fresh sliced avocado, sprouts, sliced tomato, cucumbers with a dill yogurt sauce.  Served with fresh fruit. (Does not include dessert).